12th Class Biology Origin of Life Reproduction


Category : 12th Class

(1) Reproduction is one of the most important life functions.

(2) Reproduction is the only way that living things can perpetuate themselves.

(3) There are a number of different ways that various kinds of organisms reproduce and compensate for the loss of life due to death.

(4) some reproductive processes known as sexual reproduction involve two organisms and their sex cells.

(5) Asexual reproduction occurs when organisms make identical copies of themselves.


Differences between Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

Asexual Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction

 It involves no formation and fusion of gametes.

 It involves formation and fusion of gametes.

 It is always uniparental.

 it is generally biparental except,

Taenia, Fasciola etc.

 Reproductive units are somatic cells of parent.

 Reproductive units are germ cells of parent.

 It involves only mitotic divisions.

 It involves meiosis during gamete formation.

 Offsprings are generally similar to parents.

 Offsprings are genetically different from parent.

 Occurs by binary fission or multiple fission or budding or fragmentation.

 Occurs by gametogenesis (formation of gametes) followed by fertilization..

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