1st Class Computers Introduction to Computer Automation


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  *           Automation


Internal works of a computer is done automatically. Once the sets of instructions is fed into the computer's memory, the CPU (Central Processing  Unit) of the computer follows the instructions till the program is completed, without the need for human involvement.  








  • There are three basic parts of computer
  • These are input, output and central processing unit.
  • Central processing unit is also known as the brain of the computer    



  • Monitor: This is the visual screen.
  • Key board: this is the input device which is mainly used for text writing  



  • The computer is a wonderful electronic machine that can perform various tasks and make out life easier
  • The advantages of computer are: it never gets, it works very fast it never makes mistakes and is can work automatically  


*     Abbreviations

CPU     -       Central processing unit      

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