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Use of a Computer

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*     Use of a Computer 


Computer is a useful machine in our life. When we go out to a shopping mall or any other public places, we can see that computers are around us doing many functions.  



*       Shop-Keeper Makes bills Using Computer    

In a shop you buy anything and the bill is generated by a computer. (See Figure 1.5.3)    


*       Computer Keeps the Recounts      

Have you ever visited a bank along with your parents to withdraw money? You can find an ATM machine automatically gives you money!! This is also a computer. (Set Figure 1.5.4)      


*       Computer for Printing tickets                 

At the railway station or airport tickets are printed using a computer. (Figure1.5.5)                                                              


*       Computer for Diagnosis                 

In a hospital, we can see that doctors are using computers to find out diseases. (See Figure1.5.6)                                                                 


*         Watching a Movie Using a Computer    

We can watch cartoon movies in a computer (See Figure 1.5.7)                    


*        Communication Through Computers    

It helps us to communicate without relatives and friends All these activities make our life easier (See Figure 1.5.8)




  • ATM machine is also a type of computer.
  • Now a day, most of the work is done by the use of computer.    


  • Record: Record of any thing is the available information about the thing.    


  • The computer is a wonderful electronic machine that can perform various tasks and make our life easier.
  • Computers keep record of every customer in the bank.  


*       Abbreviations

ATM      -      Automated teller machine  

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