1st Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) COMPREHENSION PROSE AND POETRY


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Always have a look at all the option carefully before choosing an answer.  



This lesson will help you to 

  • Understand the idea of comprehension
  • Answer various questions based on the given passage.  




Comprehension means to understand. The concept of comprehension also relates to the fact of being able to answer the questions based on the passage. It is based on our ability to understand what is written in the given passage.

  • Reading comprehension is one of the pillars of the act reading.   
  • The passages can have any topic as a theme. A single topic can be presented in different ways.

After we are familiar with basic idea of comprehension we will be able to answer the questions - When? Where? Who? Why? How?

Comprehension can be in the form of a passage or a poem. Once you are able to understand the written text, it is not very tough to answer the questions based on any one of them.

By First grade a child is expected to be able to read a large number of words with the help of sight reading. Sight Reading is one of the strongest pillars of our reading capability at this stage.

There are a few easy steps to be able to answer the questions asked after a comprehension passage or poem. They are as follows.


  • First read the passage carefully.          
  • Try to understand the passage.            
  • Read each question carefully, so that you| understand exactly what you are being asked to do before you begin to answer  



  • Make sure that you understand what you read.
  • Read the text and then ask yourself "what is it mainly about?"
  • All the answers are not in the text, but there is information to give you clues to think about it.

Always have a look at the title of the passage, it gives a good clue to it. And if there is a picture given, you must look at the picture carefully. It also gives an idea about the passage.  



  • Children must be familiar with the various concepts and rules of the language.
  • Language skills: children must be familiar with the language so that they do not get stuck at any word.  



If you are not able to answer a question you must always look back into the passage. The answer is always within it.

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