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This lesson will help you to        

  • understand what prepositions are        
  • use correct prepositions in your sentences.  



Whenever you use a preposition at the start of the sentence, always put a comma so that the sentence makes sense. Like for example, after he left, I hurried for work.  



Hide and seek you can play game where in one of you hides may be under the table, or behind the sofa or curtain and speak oney the preposition which can?t tell your position like behind. And the other person will look for you at those places only.  



Prepositions are also called Where words. They are the words that tell us the place or position of the noun. Prepositions are the words that are used with a noun, pronoun or a verb to tell us their position.                

For Example               

  • A bird is in the nest.                
  • I am standing on the road.               
  • That man slept under the tree.                
  • He went to the market to buy grocery.               
  • The Sun rises in the sky.                
  • The vase is kept on the table.                

In is used for large areas. For example

I live in India

On is used before talking of middle sized places. For Example I was going on road.

At is used for exact place, time.

For Example Somu lives at Rajiv Chowk.

By is used when we talk of a person who is doing something.

For Example. This painting is made by him.                

Among is used to denote more than two things or person.

For example he is among the best students in class between is used to denote two things or person for example he was sitting between ram and shyam.




Preposition means preposition. Means they tell you the position of a noun or a pronoun.

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