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*      Introduction


Pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. For example: I, we, he, she it they, etc.



      He is boy. "He" is a pronoun                           We are girls. "We" is a pronoun  


*      Below Given is a List of Pronouns:

I                              MY                         ME

WE                         OUR                       US

YOU                       YOUR                    YOURS

THEY                     THEIR                   THEM

HE                          HIS                        HIM

SHE                        HER                      HER  


*      The Followings are Also Pronouns:


THIS                       THAT

THESE                    THOSE

IT                             ITSELF

HIMSELF                HERSELF



Use of pronouns are very common in English. The sentence does not look good if noun is used again and again.

For example:

Steve reads a book. Steve writes a story. Steve goes to school.

Now, use pronoun in the place of noun 'steve'.  



Steve reads a book. He writes a story. He goes to school.  




*      From question 1 to 2 identify pronoun.  


  They learn English daily.

(A) They                                                              

(B) Learn

(C) English   

(D) None of these


Answer: (A)


"They" Is a pronoun. Therefore, option (A) Is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.  



  Katherine always carries her bag.

(A) Katherine     

(B) Carries

(C) Her        

(D) Bag


Answer: (C)


"Her" is a pronoun. Therefore, option (C) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.    

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