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Action words are all 'ing' words. Like sitting standing.



This lesson will help you to

  • know About Verbs or action words.  
  • recognize verbs in a sentence. ·     
  • Use of verbs in correct manner.




Verbs are action words or doing words. They tell us about the actions done by nouns. Without the correct use of verbs, the sentence remains incomplete. For Example- Look at the sentence below.

My mother clothes. Does it sound correct? No, it does not make it clear as to what the mother is doing with clothes. Now let's write my mother washes clothes. This sentence makes clear that the mother is washing clothes.  



Verbs are also known as action words or Doing words. These words tell us about any action that is being done by anyone. The action can be liked or maybe not liked by the doer. For example- vomiting, falling or drowning. There are a few actions we must follow. For example- Greeting everyone, saying thank you and we must always pray to god. 


Action Words


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