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Addition in Column

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*   Addition in Column



Addition in column is done by adding the numbers in column. See the given below  





7 +4   3 +8   4 +5   9 +8
11   11   9   17



35 +25   12 +15   17 +15
60   27   32


27 +29   34 +17   19 +23
56   51   42


11 +19   39 +29   22 +23
30   68   45



*     Word Problem Based on Addition

In this section, we will learn about some real problems based addition.  



Steve has 12 toffees. His father gives him 10 more toffees. How many toffees does Steve have now?

(a) 2 toffees                                      

(b) 10 toffees

(c) 12 toffees  

(d) 22 toffees  


Answer: (d)





There are 4 legs in a chair. In a room there are 3 chairs. How many legs do these three chairs have?

(a) 7 legs                                             

(b) 11 legs

(c) 12 legs                                           

(d) none of these  


Answer: (c)





A teacher draws 9 lines on the blackboard. After sometime she again draws 8 lines. How many lines does she draw in all?

(a) 9 lines                                            

(b) 17 lines

(c) 8 lines                                            

(d) none of these  


Answer: (b)





In a garden there areplants of Marigold,  plants of Jasmine andplants of roses. How many plants are there in all in the garden?

(a) 14 plants                                      

(b) 12 plants

(c) 16 plants

(d) 18 plants  


Answer: (a)





Steve has a number which ismore than. Find the number.

(a) 11

(b) 12

(c) 16

(d) None of these


Answer: (a)





Smith isyears old now. What will be his age afteryears from now?

(a) 15 years

(b) 21 years

(c) 18 years

(d) none of these  


Answer: (b)  





There arestudents in (students inandstudents in. How many students are there inclass?

(a) 16 students  

(b) 80 students

(c) 90 students

(d) none of these  


Answer: (c)  





Serena bought dozen of eggs. Her father told her to buy half dozen more eggs. How many eggs did she buy in all?

(a) 3 eggs

(b) 12 eggs

(c) 18 eggs

(d) 24 eggs  


Answer: (c)  


dozen =eggs dozen =eggs eggs  



Zacob hasbananas. Lina hasmore bananas than Zacob. How many bananas does Lina have?

(a) 23 bananas                                  

(b) 24 bananas

(c) 18 bananas

(d) None of these


Answer: (a)





Maria has a sticker of number. James has a sticker which has a number that ismore than Maria. Find the number of James.

(a) 12                                                    

(b) 15

(c) 16

(d) 22


Answer: (d)





  • If you add 0 to a number it remains unchanged.
  • Addition represents combining collection of objects together into a largercollection.




  • Addition is the grouping of two or more objects together.
  • If any number is added to zero the result is the number itself.


  • Result of the addition is called addition fact.


Then 5 = addition fact

  • Sign of addition = '+' and it is read as 'Plus' 

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