1st Class Mathematics Addition Addition of Figures

Addition of Figures

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*   Addition of Figures  



* Figure  

Let's consider about 2, 4, 11, 10, etc. In fact these are simply numbers.

But, when we say:






Then the numbers represent a figure. Therefore, it is clear that when numbers come in form of representing something, then they become a figure. Now, we add figures with simple method of addition we have learned so far.  



Trick: =  

Take another example

kg rice + kg pulse + kg sugar = ?







 Smith adds rupees 5 and rupees 6. What is the result of this addition?

(a) 11 rupees                                    

(b) 10 rupees

(c) 12 rupees                                     

(d) 14 rupees  


Answer: (a)  





 4 books + 3 books + 1 book =

(a) 7 books                                         

(b) 6 books

(c) 5 books                                         

(d) 8 books  


Answer: (d)  


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