1st Class Mathematics Subtraction Introduction


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Subtraction means taking out something from some longer unit and in this process finding the outcome as left over. Let's understand this through an example: There are three eggs in the box given below:



From this box Steve eats one egg then how many eggs are left?

Steve eats one egg then one egg will disappear from the box as shown below:



Now two eggs are seen in the box. Therefore, this means two eggs are left over and the outcome of this subtraction process is 2.

Let's understand it another way:

Total eggs in the box = 3

= egg eaten by Steve

And 2 = outcome or left over

Here, '_' is the sign of subtraction and it is read as 'minus', and = is the sign of 'is equal to' or 'is same as'.


It is read as

'three minus one is equal to two' or 'three minus one is same as two'.  


*  Subtraction of two Numbers  

It is the process of taking away smaller number from the greater one.


Here, it is clear that if we have to subtract then we cut three vertical lines from.It means number of vertical lines to be cut is equal for both greater and smaller numbers and number of vertical lines to be cut for each greater and smaller number is equal to the number to be subtracted.

Similarly, ifhas to be subtracted then number of vertical lines to be cut from greater number isand from smaller number is alsoAnd ifhas to be subtracted thenvertical lines are cut. Take another example:






 Serena has 5 apples and she eats 3 apples. How many apples she has now?

(a) 1                                                      

(b) 4

(c) 3                                                      

(d) 2


Answer: (d)





(a) 3                                                      

(b) 4

(c) 6                                                      

(d) 5  


Answer: (b)




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