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Knowing Time

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*  Knowing Time



Knowing time means knowing period or duration of a certain event. For example, A man goes to a certain distance inminutes, then we can say that he takeshour and one hour is equal tominutes.  


Let's take another example:

If one minute is taken to cook Maggi then time taken in seconds is equal toseconds.  





 Which one of the following represents 3 hours?

(a) 60 minutes, 60 minutes

(b) 60 minutes, 60 minutes, 60 minutes

(c) 60 minutes, 60 minutes, 60 minutes, 60 minutes

(d) 60 minutes  


Answer: (b)  



Jennifer takes one minute to eat a bread while Steve takes 4 minutes to eat a bread. Who takes more time?

(a) Jennifer takes more time

(b) Steve takes less time

(c) Jennifer and Steve take equal time

(d) Jennifer takes less time and Steve takes more time.


Answer: (d)

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