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How Does Plant Grow

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*   How Does Plant Grow?

  • Plants are living things.
  • They need nutrients to grow.
  • They get nutrients form Sunlight, water, fertile soil, minerals, etc.
  • Without sufficient amount of nutrients they will not grow and will ultimately die.
  • They take nutrients and water from the soil.
  • They take carbon dioxide from air.





   The components for the process of photosynthesis are:

(a) Water                                             (b) Sunlight

(c) Carbon dioxide                            (d) All of these


Answer: (d)


Option (D) is correct. Rest of the options is incorrect.


  Which of the following is not needed for the growth of a plant?

(a) Sunlight                                        (b) Darkness

(c) Soil                                                 (d) Adequate temperature


Answer: (b)


Option (B) is correct, because a plant cannot grow in darkness. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.

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