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Parts of Plants

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  *      Parts of Plants


*   Roots

  • Roots are the lowest part of a plant or tree.
  • They grow inside the soil.
  • Plant takes water and minerals from the soil through the roots.


*   Shoots

  • They are the aerial portion of the plants that include stems, shoot and leaves.
  • They grow above the ground.


*   Stems

  • They support the upper parts of a plant.
  • Water and dissolved nutrients from the soil travel up through the stem.
  • Food from the leaves travel through stems down to the roots.
  • They also store food for the plant.


*   Leaves

  • Leaves are that parts of a plant where food is made by photosynthesis.
  • They use carbon dioxide and water for photosynthesis.
  • Leaves use Sunlight for the process of photosynthesis.
  • They are green in colour.
  • They are of different size.



*   Flowers

  • Flowers grow on trees.
  • They are of different size.
  • They are found in different colours.
  • Flowers change into fruits of the plant.



*   Seeds


  • Seeds grow inside the fruit.
  • New plant develops from the seeds.




  Which of the following is not a part of plant?

(a) Flowers                                                         (b) Seeds

(c) Shoots                                                            (d) Roof


Answer: (d)


Option (D) is correct Rest of the options is incorrect.


  The upper part of a plant gets support from_________.

(a) Flowers                                         (b) Stems

(c) Roots                                             (d) Leaves


Answer: (c)


Option (C) is correct. Rest of the options is incorrect.

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