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Types of Plants

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*   Types of plants

            All types of big and small trees, including grass are called plants.


  *   Big Plants

           All the trees are the examples of big plants.

  • They have long branches-
  • They are very big in size.
  • They are very tall.


*    Look at the following pictures of trees:


         Banyan                                                           Peepal


  *    Herbs

          They are small plants.

  • They are used for flavour, scent, and as medicines.
  • Herbs are used in different food as flavour.

For example. Licorice or muleti is a herb, used as medicine for ear, throat and nose problems. In fact muleti is the Hindi name for licorice.


*     Shrubs or Bushes

  • They are woody plants .which are smaller than trees.
  • They have short stems, lower in height with branches near the ground.
  • Shrubs can be flowering and ornamental.



Rose plant, Tea plant, etc.

Look at the following pictures:


    Rose plant                                                                      Bushes type plant


*   Creepers

  • Creeper is a type of plant, which cannot stand by itself, it trails or climbs.
  • They literally' creep' along the soil surface and spread over a long distance.
  • They also grow on the tree branches and on other small trees in the nearby area.



Cucumber plant is one of the creepers.

Similarly, the plant of water melon is also a creeper.


  *        Look at the following pictures:


Watermelon plant                                                       Cucumber plant

  • They are the plants with soft stems.
  • They grow only with the support of another plant, on walls /arches or trellis.



Beans plants are climbers.


  *    Look at the following picture:


      Beans plants

Note: Bare walls can be beautifully decorated by growing colorful climbers on them.




  Which one of the following is an example of big plant?

(a)                                     (b)

(c)                                                (d)


Answers (B)


Option (B) is correct, because this is clear from the picture that it is a big tree. Rest of the options is incorrect because they all are small bushy paints.


    Which one of the following is a shrub?

(a)                                        (b)

(c)                                 (d)


Answer: (D)


Option (D) is correct because all other are big trees.

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