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The Sun

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*   Thu Sun


Like water and air, the Sun is also a natural source of energy.

  • The Sun is spherical in shape.
  • It is the in center of our solar system.
  • It is much larger than the Earth and the Moon.
  • It is the ultimate source of energy.
  • Life cannot be possible without the Sun.
  • Plants use solar energy for making their food.


*     Let us see the picture of the sun:



*      Importance of Sun

  • Sunlight is essential for living things.
  • Plants get energy from the Sun to grow.
  • Living things get heat from the Sun.
  • Solar energy is used for heating, cooking, lighting etc.


*    Negative Aspects of Sun

  • Sun is unpleasant in summer.
  • Over exposure to Sun causes sunburn.
  • Heat waves in summer may cause sunstroke.
  • Dehydration (loss of water from body) is common in summer, because Sun's heat.




  Which one of the following is true about the Sun?

(a) The Sun is seen at night

(b) The Sun is seen during day time

(c) The Sun is smaller than the Earth

(d) The Sun is not a natural source of energy


Answer: (b)


Option (B) is correct. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.



  The shape of the Sun is _____.

(a) Spherical                                                       (b) Quadrilateral

(c) Cube                                                               (d) Square


Answer: (a)


Option (A) is correct, because the Sun is spherical in shape. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.

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