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Using Computers in Defense

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*      Using Computers in Defense


In defense, information about the enemies, their weapons, way of attacks, etc. are stored in the computer.  




*    This information helps during war time.

  • Now a day's computer also controls missiles which are used for attack.
  • Software is used for controlling the flight and targeting in ballistic missiles.
  • Software is also used to control access to atomic bombs.        





 In defense sector computers are widely used. Computers are used to Control missiles

ii. Provide information about enemies.

iii. Give information during war time.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(A) i and ii                                           

(B) ii and iii

(C) All of these                                                 

(D) Only iii  


Answer: (C)


Correct Option:

(C) In defense computers are used for controlling the missiles, keeping information about enemies, etc.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Only statements (i) and (ii) are not correct but statement (iii) is also correct.

(B) Only statements (ii) and (iii) are not correct but statement (i) is also correct.

(D) Only statement (iii) is not correct but statement (ii) and (iii) are also correct.    


 Given below are the uses of computer in defense.

1. Keep the records of clients

2.  Reserve your tickets

3. Provide information about missiles Identify the correct use.

(A) 1and 2                                                          

(B) Only 3

(C) 2 and 3                                                          

(D) All of these  


Answer: (b)


Correct Option:

(B) Most of the works in defense sector are done by the computer such as keeping information about different weapons, making plans, etc.

Incorrect Options:                                                  

(A) 1 and 2 is incorrect.

(C) 2 is incorrect use whereas 3 is correct use of computer in defense.

(D) All are not correct use of computer in defense.  

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