2nd Class English Noun Gender


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*      Gender


*      There are two types of genders. They are the following:

  •  Masculine or Male
  •  Feminine or Female  



Boy is male                                      Girl is female


King is male                                   Queen is a female  


*      Some common examples of masculine and feminine gender:


Masculine or Male                             Feminine or Female

Boy                                                        Girl

Father                                                   Mother

Husband                                              Wife

Sir                                                          Madam

King                                                      Queen

Lion                                                       Lioness

Tiger                                                     Tigress

He                                                         She

Dog                                                       Bitch

Cock                                                     Hen

Actor                                                    Actress

Prince                                                   Princess

Hero                                                     Heroine

Waiter                                                  Waitress

Widower                                              Widow  





From question 1 to 2 change the gender.  



(A) Princes                                                         

(B) Princess

(C) Princesses                                                   

(D) None of these


Answer : (b)

Explanation :

Female of prince is princess. Therefore, option (B) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.  




(A) Nice                                                               

(B) Niece

(C) Nices                                                             

(D) None of these


Answer: (b)

Explanation :

Female of nephew is niece. Therefore, option (B) is correct and rest of the option is incorrect.    

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