2nd Class English Pronouns Introduction


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*      Introduction


Pronoun is a word that takes the place of noun.

For example:

I, we, he, she it, they, etc.


He is a boy. 'He' is pronoun. We are girls. 'We' is a pronoun.  


*      The following is the list of pronouns:


I                               My                         Me        

We                         Our                         Us

You                        Your                       Yours

They                      Their                      Them

He                          His                          Him

She                        Her                         Her  


*      The following are also pronouns:


This                                                      That

These                                                   Those

It                                                            Itself

Himself                                                 Herself

Themselves                                         Ourselves


Pronouns are used very commonly in English. The sentence is not good if noun is used again and again.

For example:

Steve plays in the garden. Steve plays with his friends. Steve comes back at 7 PM.  



*      Use pronoun in the place of noun.

For example:

Steve plays in the garden. He plays with his friends. He comes back at7PM.  

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