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We use present simple tense to talk about things we know to be true



This lesson will help you to

  • understand tenses
  • properly use tenses.
  • identify the type of tenses used.
  • build confidence about the language.



Tenses are also known as yesterday, today and tomorrow words. They tell us whether something has already happened or is happening or is about to happen.

We have learnt about simple present tense. In simple present tense if only one person is talked about we use singular verbs. For example: A boy runs. A girl reads.


And if more than one person is being talked about, we use plural verbs like We run. We read.


The action that is taking place now is said to be present i.e. today. For example: My mother is washing clothes. I play chess with my friends.


The words washing, play tell us that the action is taking place. They are today words or present tense. We also use present tense to tell about actions that are habits, or tell about things that are true. For example: The Sun rises in the East. 


I go to school daily. The Sun rises in the East Words that tell us about actions that are still happening are called present.

I play chess with my friends. The words wash, play are words that tell us that an action is regular.

The action that is about to take place is said to be in the future i.e. tomorrow. For example: My mother will wash clothes. I will play chess.

The words 'will wash' and 'will play' are tomorrow words or future tense words. Here we will deal only with Simple present tense.  


Play time

You can ask your classmates to write an activity that a group of people do. And then make a list of people who do that activity daily like brush your teeth. The group that has the maximum member of people doing any activity is the winner.

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