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This lesson will help you to:

  • learn about the parts of a plants along with their functios.
  • understand about the different types of plants on the basis of their shapes, sizes as well as their habitat.
  • Know about the different things we get from plants.



As we know plants are living things. A plant consists of different parts such as roots, shoots, stem, leaves, fruits, flowers etc. Each part of a plant plays a very important role. Let us understand these roles in detail:




It is that part of the plant develops inside the soil. Roots absorb water and minerals from soil and sends it to the other part of through stem.


Stem gives support to upper part of the plants. Water and dissolved nutrients from the soil travel up through stems. Food from leaves come down to roots by stems.


Leaves of different plants can have different shapes and sizes. Generally they are green, in coulor. In this part of the plant, food is produced by the help of sunlight. We eat the leaves of many plants for example: cabbage spinach etc.


They are the most colorful and beautiful part of the plant that produces fruit. Flowers attract human and insects because of their fragrance. They are the reproductive part of the plants.

For example Rose, Sunflower.




They come out from flowers. They are the edible part of plant. We eat fruits like Apple, Banana, Orange, Grapes etc.  




It is the part of plant from which a baby plant grows. Seed contains food.


Types of Plants

We see many types of plans in our environment like big and tall plant, herbs, shrubs, climbers. Each of these types of plants have different features. Let us study these features in detail.



These are the small plans with soft stem. They have medicinal value as well. For example: Mint, Tulsi, Coriander etc.



Think Green

5th june is world Environment Day. Plant a few saplings in your school or at home. Look after the plant as it grows into a tree. It may bear fruit and gives shade to all.



They are smaller than trees. They have a short stem of lower heights. Some shrubs contain flowers.

For example: Sunflower plant, Rose plant.



Big plants are called trees. They are tall and have long branches. They have stronger and thicker stems in comparison to the other plants.

For Example: Mango tree, Coconut tree




Plants with weak and soft stem that need support of other plants, stick or walls etc are called climbers.

For Example: Money plant, grapevine,




Plants with weak stem that grow along the ground are called creepers.

For Example: Pumpkin, Bottle gourd.



There are more than 3, 50,000 types plant on the earth.

Some plants grow on land, where as some grows in water.

We can differentiate them on the basis of their habitat.


A.               TERRESTRIAL PLANT

Plants, which grow on the land are called terrestrial plants.

For example: Papaya tree, Mango tree



B.               AQUTIC PLANT

Plant which grow in water are called aquatic plants.

For Example: Water Lily and Lotus




Plants give us so many things. They give us food, oil, medicines etc. Let us food. We eat leaves, stems, fruits, flowers and seeds of plants.

  1. Plans give us food. We eat leaves, stems, fruits, flowers and seeds of plants.
  2. We get cereals, pulses, oil, spices, coffee, tea, sugar from plants.
  3. Plants give us medicine.
  4. Plants give us wood, teak, bamboo. Wood is used to make furniture, doors, table, chairs.
  5. We get oils, from some plants such as mustard, coconut and sunflower.
  6. Plants give out oxygen. They make the air fresh and pure.
  7. Plants give us cotton and jute.
  8. Some plants are used in making soaps and perfumes.


Real Life Example

Cactus Plant is found in desert


Amazing Facts

Bamboo is a fast growing plant. It can grow almost a meter (3.28 feet) in just one day


Misconcept / Concept

Misconcept: Seed is nonliving things

Concept: Seed is the dormant stage of a seeding. Seed germinates into a young plant which is a living thing

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