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Poem on Preposition

1. Below is grass above is snow beyond the mountains lies the snow across the frozen lake we go above the clouds are full of snow inside the house nice and warm on the trees is snow around me its very cold thought out the days I spend except when spring comes.  

2. Over the steep hill, under the blue sky, across the long bridge, down the hill, into a fast run, through the thick trees, past the other runners, through the pouring rain, under the red hot sun, into my house for a rest  



This lesson will help you to:-

  • understand prepositions.
  • learn about different types of prepositions.
  • Understand the correct usage of preposition.  



Read the given sentence

His book is on table.

Here the word ?on? has two functions:

1.  It makes a connection between the words 'book' and 'table'.

2. It indicates the relationship between the 'book' and with reference to the table. Such a word is called a preposition.  



A word that is placed or positioned before a noun or a pronoun to show the relation between two nouns or pronouns in a sentence is known as a preposition. The word literally means 'positioned before' something.


  • The boy is standing on the box.
  • The boys is sitting in the box.
  • The boy is jumping over the box.
  • The boy is hiding behind the box
  • The boy is sleeping under the box
  • The boy is standing in front of the box.




Misconcept/ Concept

Misconcept: The preposition ?till? is used with the distance.

Example: Can you come with me till the end of the road?

Concept: Till is used only with time.

So in the above sentence we will use 'to' instead of 'till'. Can you come with me to the end of the road?

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