3rd Class English Verbs Introduction


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*     Introduction


A verb is a word which shows an action, state of being or possession of a noun or pronoun.


The word which says something about a noun or a pronoun is called a verb.  





  •  The teacher teaches the students.
  •  James goes to college.
  •  The dog moves fast.
  •  The cat is dead.
  •  He was in the office.
  •  She is beautiful.
  •  The cow has four legs.
  •  Jackson has a computer.  


*     Analysis

In sentences 1, 2 and 3 the words, teaches, goes and moves say something about the teacher, James and the dog. These words show an action.

In sentences 4, 5 and 6 the words is, was and again is, say something about the cat, he and she. These words show state of being or condition.

In sentences 7 and 8 the word has says something about the cow and Jackson. The word has shows possession in both the sentences. These words are verbs.

NOTE: All action words are verbs.  

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