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Parts of a Plant

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*       Parts of a Plant


Look at the following picture of different parts of a plant:




*           Parts of Plant used as Food

We eat roots of radish, carrot, sweat potato, turnip, beetroot etc. Spinach, mint, cabbage, coriander etc. are leaves where food is stored and which is « used as a source of food. Cauliflower and broccoli are flowers eaten as food. Papaya, mango, orange, guava, banana plants store food in their fruits.


Look at the following table to understand the edible parts of the plants:

Name of plants      Edible parts      Edible raw or cooked
Bringle  Fruit Cooked
Potato   Stem                Cooked
Apple        Fruit                  Raw
Radish   Root  Both raw and cooked
Spinach Leaves   Cooked





     Pea is which one of the following parts of pea plant?

(a) Fruit

(b) Seed

(c) Flower

(d) Leaf

(e) Stem


Answer: (b)


Seed of pea plant is used as food. Therefore, option B is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.



      Ayush has drunk sugar cane juice. Which part of the sugarcane plant produces juice?

(a) Root                                                                (b) Leaf

(c) Stem                                                               (d) Fruit                                                               

(e) Flower


Answer: (c)


Juice is extracted from the stem of sugarcane plant. Therefore, option (c) is correct and rest of the options is incorrect.

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