4th Class English Analogy Function


Category : 4th Class

*     Function


In this type of questions, words are related to each other in function. For example:

1. Shield : Guard                               2. Sword : Slaughter

3. Mattock: Dig                                  4. Filter: Purify

5. Steering: Drive                             6. Pen : Write

7. Spanner: Grip                               8. Spoon: Feed

9. Microscope : Magnify                10. Spade : Dig

11. Shovel: Scoop                             12. Chisel : Carve

13. Oar: Row  


*      Analysis

  •   Needle : Sewing; A needle is used for sewing.
  •   Loudspeaker: Amplifying sound; Loudspeaker is used for amplifying the quality of sound.
  •   Gun: Shooting; Gun is used for shooting.
  •   Knife: Cutting; A knife is used for cutting.  






(A) Grind                                                            

(B) Cutting

(C) Shooting                                     

(D) Sewing

(E) Amplify  


Answer: (b)

Explanation: Axe is used for cutting.  




(A) Grind                                                            

(B) Cutting

(C) Bore                                                              

(D) Shooting

(E) Grind  


Answer: (c)

Explanation: Auger is used for boring.  

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