5th Class English Active and Passive Voice Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

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*       Practice Exercise


Change the following sentences into Passive Voice.  


  John posts the letter.


Answer: The letter is posted by John.  



  Mary writes a story.


Answer: A story is written by Mary.  


Change the following sentences into Active Voice.  



  This poem was written by Tagore


Answer: Tagore wrote this poem.  



  Hindi is spoken all over India.


Answer: People speak Hindi all over India.  





Change the following into passive voice. Choose the correct ones from the following.  


  Carpenter makes furniture.

(A) Furniture is made by carpenter         

(B) Furniture is being made by carpenter

(C) Furniture are made by carpenter      

(D) All of these

(E) None of these


Answer: (A)


Furniture is made by carpenter.    



  Shyam eats mangoes.

(A) Mango is eats by Shyam                       

(B) Mango is eaten by Shyam

(C) Mango is eating by Shyam                   

(D) Mango is ate by Shyam

(E) Mango is eaten Shyam


Answer: (B)


Mango is eaten by Shyam.    

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