5th Class English Tenses Exercise


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Change the following sentences into simple future tense:  


  We like walking.


Answer: We will like walking.  



  He paints a picture.


Answer: He will paint a picture.    



Change the following sentences into simple past tense:  


  I write a letter.


Answer: I wrote a letter.  



  They watch movies.


Answer: They watched movies.  





Change the following sentences into past continuous tense.  


  I am writing a letter.

(A) I was writing a letter                                               

(B) I have been writing a letter

(C) I shall writing a letter                              

(D) I shall be writing a letter

(E) I have written a letter


Answer: (A)


I was writing a letter.  



  He is painting a picture.

(A) He has painted a picture                       

(B) He was painting a picture

(C) He has been painting a picture           

(D) He will paint a picture

(E) He paints a picture


Answer: (B)


He was painting a picture.    

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