5th Class English Verbs Exercise


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*        Practice Exercise


Fill in the blanks using correct helping verbs given in brackets.  


  Sonia __________ eating food. (am, is)


Answer: is  



  They ___________ running. (is/are)



Answer: Are  



  We ___________ playing. (is / are)


Answer: Are  



  He _________ not take it. (will /shall)


Answer: will    





  Choose the Past Tense form \[({{V}^{2}})\] of Arise

(A) Arise                                                             

(B) Arose

(C) Arisen                                                           

(D) Arising

(E) Arises  


Answer: (B)


Past Tense form \[({{V}^{2}})\] of Arise is Arose.  



  Choose the Past Participle form \[({{V}^{3}})\] of Arrive

(A) Arises                                           

(B) Arrived

(C) Arising                                         

(D) Arisen

(E) Arise


Answer: (B)


Past Participle form \[({{V}^{3}})\] of Arrive is Arrived.  





  •  A verb is a word which shows an action, state of being or possession of a Noun or pronoun.
  •  The word which says something about a noun or pronoun is called a verb. (All saying words are verbs)
  •  Helping Verbs: The verb which helps the main verb in changing its form is called Helping Verbs.
  •  Present Tense form                                                                : \[({{V}^{1}})\] -                       Go             Come             Eat
  •  Past Tense form                                                                      : \[({{V}^{2}})\] -                      Went         Came             Ate
  •  Past Participle form                                                                : \[({{V}^{3}})\] -                      Gone         Come             Eaten
  •  Ing form                                                                                    : \[({{V}^{4}})\] -                      Going        Coming          Eating
  •  Present Tense Third Person Singular form                         : \[({{V}^{5}})\] -                      Goes         Comes           Eats
  •  Transitive Verb: The verb which requires an object to complete its sense is called Transitive Verb.
  •  Intransitive Verb: The verb which does not require an object to complete its sense, but makes complete sense by itself is called an Intransitive Verb.
  •  Auxiliary Verb: The verb which helps the main verb to change its form or which does the work of main verb is called Auxiliary or Helping Verb.    

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