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Coversion of Fractions

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*   Coversion of Fractions  



Conversion of an Improper Fraction into a Mixed Fraction Divide the numerator by the denominator. The quotient represents the whole number, the remainder represents the numerator and the divisor represents the denominator for the fractional part in the mixed fraction.  



Change \[\frac{189}{18}\]into a mixed fraction.



Divide 189 by 18




Thus remainder = 9, Quotient = 10, and divisor = 18 Therefore, the mixed fraction for \[\frac{189}{18}=10\frac{9}{18}.\]  



*  Conversion of a Mined Fraction into an Improper Fraction

The whole number is multiplied with the denominator of the fractional part and the product is added by numerator. The sum represents numerator for the improperfraction and denominator of the improper fraction is same as the denominator offractional part of the mixed fraction.



Convert \[4\frac{11}{17}\]into a mixed fraction.



Multiply 4 with 17 and add the product by 11 = 4 x 17 = 68 + 11 = 79.                           

Thus 79 is numerator and 17 is denominator for the improper fraction.            

Thus \[\frac{79}{17}\]is the improper fraction for the mixed fraction\[4\frac{11}{17}.\]  

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