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Equivalent Fractions

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*    Equivalent Fractions



Two or more fractions are said to be equivalent fractions if they have the same value. In other word s when equivalent fractions are reduced into their simplest form, they give the same fraction. For example, \[\frac{10}{15},\frac{20}{30},\frac{30}{45},\frac{40}{60}...\] etc. are equivalent fractions.  



Are the fractions\[\frac{24}{27}\]and\[\frac{8}{9}\]equivalent fractions?



The simplest form of \[\frac{24}{27}=\frac{8}{9}.\]Therefore, \[\frac{24}{27}\] and \[\frac{8}{9}\]are equivalent fractions.



* How to Find Equivalent Fractions of a Given Fraction

Multiply both the numerator and denominator of the given fraction by a common number.    



Find three equivalent fractions of\[\frac{6}{7}.\]



(a)\[\frac{6}{7}=\frac{6\times 2}{7\times 2}=\frac{12}{14}\]        

(b)\[\frac{6}{7}=\frac{6\times 3}{7\times 3}=\frac{18}{21}\]

(c)\[\frac{6}{7}=\frac{6\times 4}{7\times 4}=\frac{24}{28}\]

Thus \[\frac{12}{14},\frac{18}{21}\]and \[\frac{24}{28}\]are equivalent fractions of \[\frac{6}{7}.\]

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