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Animal Kingdom

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*     Introduction


There are two types of things on the earth, living and nonliving. A branch of science which deals with the study of living things is called Biology. Living things are further divided into two groups, plant kingdom and animal kingdom. On the basis of absorption of nutrients by the living organism, the organism who depends on the process of photosynthesis for their nutrition has been placed under plant kingdom, which you have studied in last chapter.


*         Animal Kingdom

The organism who can't perform photosynthesis, has been placed under animal kingdom. Animal has been divided into two groups on the basis of back bone. Vertebrates (with a back bone) and Invertebrates (without a backbone). In this chapter we will study about the animal kingdom (vertebrates).

Vertebrates and Invertebrates


Note: Insects are the biggest group of animals on the earth. More than 1 million king of insect are there on the earth.

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