7th Class Mathematics Lines and Angles Some Terms Related to Lines

Some Terms Related to Lines

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*     Some Terms Related to Lines  


*      Point                

It is a dimensionless figure which represents exact position. It is represented by a fine dot. We denote point by capital letters like A, B, C..........  


*      Line Segment

It is the straight path between two points. In other words we can say that it has two end points and is of finite length.            



*      Ray                

When line segment extends infinitely in one direction is a ray. Simply we can say that a ray has one end point and definite length.



*      Line                   

When both end of line segment extended infinitely is known as a line. Simply we can say that line has no end point and definite length  


  •    A line contains infinitely many points.
  •    Through a given point infinitely many lines can be drawn.
  •    One and only line can be drawn between two fixed points.  


*      Concurrent Lines                    

If three or more than three lines intersect at a point then the lines are known a concurrent lines,     



*      Intersecting Lines                

When two lines having one common point is called intersecting lines.                


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