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*        Wastewater


Waste water refers to liquid waste and sewage. In urban areas, this type of waste is carried by sewers or underground pipes. The three main sources of waste water are:


*               Municipal Waste Water

This is the waste water that comes from homes, offices, etc. and is carried by sewers or sewage pipes. The waste water coming from toilets is referred to as black water and waste water coming from kitchens and bathrooms is called grey water.


*              Industrial Waste Water

This waste is also referred to as industrial effluent. This kind of waste is not mixed with municipal waste water and disposed separately. One of the most incorrect way of disposing this waste is to allow it to flow into rainwater drains and ultimately into water bodies.


*              Rainwater

The rainwater flows into rainwater drains in urban areas. The rainwater is carried by underground sewers.


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