8th Class Computers Managing Windows XP Restore the Deleted File or Folder

Restore the Deleted File or Folder

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*   Restore the Deleted File or Folder


Folder is a collection of files and other folders. You can rename, move or delete the folders.


* To create a file and a folder:

  • On the Desktop, double-click My Computer to open the My Computer window.
  • Double-click the disk drive or folder in which you want to create a folder. The drive or folder opens.
  • On the File menu select New and then click File / Document to create a file or Folder to create a folder.
  • Type a folder name and then press Enter.
  • The new folder will appear on selected location.  



* To delete a file or folder: 

  • In My Computer or Windows Explorer, click file or folder you want to delete.
  • On the File menu, click Delete.
  • When you click delete option the file is stored in Recycle Bin simultaneously.  


*  If you want to delete a file permanently you need to:

  • Select the file
  • Press the Shift + Delete key.  


*  Restore the deleted file:

  • Go to recycle bin.
  • Right click on the required file.
  • Click on the restore option The deleted file will get restored as it was.

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