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Network Protocol

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*   Network Protocol


In the world of Information Technology, some set of rules are defined and these are known as protocols. Basically the set of protocols enables two systems to communicate and transfer data on the network. Any electronic device which is having a capability of sending and receiving data is a system. Protocols are generally implemented by software, hardware or a combination of the two.  


* The information which identifies the protocols are the following: 

  • To identify the corrupt messages, error checking is to be used.
  • While receiving messages, it generally indicates the receiving devices.
  • While sending messages, it indicates the sending devices.
  • To compress the data transmitted through the network, the method data compression is used.

The following table lists some important networking protocols:  


* Network Protocol Description

Net BIOS Enhanced User Interface (NetBEUI) is the fastest protocol and does not require any configuration to implement. NetBEUI is simple to use. AppleTalk Is a routable protocol and is mainly used to communicate with Macintosh computers on the network.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is also a routable protocol. TCP/IP is supported by most of the OS. It is more reliable than other protocols.  NWLink is used in Novell NetWare networks. This protocol is easy to install and also a routable protocol. The NWLink protocol is faster than TCP/IP but slower than the NetBEUI.   

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