8th Class English Conjunctions Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

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Fill in the blanks with suitable conjunction.  


  Ashoka was a brave ______ a pious king.


Answer: As well as  



  Two ________ two make four.


Answer: And  



  Serena is smarter ________ her elder sister.


Answer: Than  



  The boy was excused _______ he admitted his mistake.


Answer: But        





Fill in the blanks with suitable Conjunction.  


  My friend is a musician ___ teacher.

(A) As well as                                                    

(B) But

(C) That                                                               

(D) As

(E) And


Answer: (a)

Explanation: My friend is a musician as well as teacher.  



  A dog's bark is worse _________ its bite.

(A) Or                                                                   

(B) As

(C) But                                                                 

(D) Than

(E) And


Answer: (d)

Explanation: A dog's bark is worse than 'its bite.    





  • A word that is used to join two words or sentences is known as a conjunction.
  • Some conjunctions are used in pairs to give a more compact or confirmed meaning. These conjunctions are called Correlative Conjunctions. (e.g. either or, neither nor, etc.)
  • A conjunction used to join two independent statements or two statements of equal rank or importance is called a Coordinating Conjunction. (e.g. and, but, either or, neither nor, or, for, still, only, as well as, else, etc.)
  • A conjunction used to join two statements, one of which is dependent on the other is called a Subordinating Conjunction. (e. g. after, till, before, unless, that (not as a relative pronoun), because, although, though, (sometimes these are also adverbs) until, than, as if, if etc.)
  • List of some commonly used conjunctions:
And       But          Since        When       Either- or
Although  Because     Till          While       Neither - nor
As well as If            Until         Unless      Therefore
As        Or Still           Yet         Before


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