8th Class English Determiners Kinds of Determiners

Kinds of Determiners

Category : 8th Class

*    Kinds of Determiners  


There are several kinds of Determiners: 

1.       Article Determiners: a, an, the

2.       Possessive Adjectives: my, your, our, his, her/ its, their

3.       Demonstrative Adjectives: this, that, these, those

4.       Adjective of Number and Quantity

5.       Numeral Determiners

6.       Quantitative Determiners.

One, two, three, four, ---- etc.

First/second, third, fourth, ---- etc.

Double, twice, thrice, ---- etc.

One, third, two, fifths, ---- etc.

all many           next            a little
both any            other          the little
half several        few            much
some most         a few        whole
more no The few        enough
less last           little  
  • Distributive Adjectives : each, every, either, neither, both
  • Interrogative Adjectives : what, which, whose
  • Some phrases denoting quantity and number:
plenty of       a large number of          a small amount of
a lot of       a great deal of             a large number of
lots of          a good deal of  


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