8th Class English Narration Direct Speech

Direct Speech

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*   Direct Speech


It induces repetition of the words of the speaker as they have been said. These words are kept in inverted commas ????????



  •   John said to me, "I will help your sister."
  •   John told me that he would help my sister.

The above given two sentences refer to the two ways of reporting the words of a speaker.

In sentence 1, the actual or exact words of the speaker are presented.

This speech is called Direct Speech.


Points to keep in mind:

  •   In Direct Speech the actual words of the speaker are put within Inverted Commas. (" ")
  •   The sentence within Inverted Commas begin with a Capital Letter.


There are two parts of a sentence in Direct Speech


*       Reporting Verb


The first part of the sentence in Direct Speech is called Reporting Verb.

For Example: John said to me


*       Reported Speech


The actual words of the speaker put within inverted commas are called Reported Speech.

For Example: "I will help your sister."


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