8th Class English Tenses Introduction


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*   Introduction


Definition: Tense is the form of a verb, which shows the time of action and its degree of completeness. Tense gives us the knowledge of the time when an action is taking place.  



  • Delhi attracts a large number of migrants.

  (Present Tense)

  • I thought the best way is to put an end to any controversy.

  (Past Tense)

  • Mr. Ayush will pass the buck for the failures of his own.

  (Future Tense)  

Tense is divided into three categories. They are the following:

(i) Present Tense

(ii) Past Tense

(iii) Future Tense

Present Tense expresses actions in the present time; Past Tense expresses actions in the past time; and Future Tense expresses actions in the future time.  

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