8th Class English Verbs Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

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Find the kind of verb of underlined words.  


  He has decided to support him.


Answer: Helping Verb  



  They were ready to go there.


Answer: Helping Verb  



  He plays for his country.


Answer: Main Verb  



  She informed me on time.


Answer: Main Verb    





Fill in the blanks with correct form of verb.  


  Why did you not ______________ the class yesterday.

(A) Attending                                                   

(B) Attends

(C) Attended                                                    

(D) Attend

(E) None of these


Answer: (d)

Explanation: Why did you not attend the class yesterday.  



  Youvraj Singh an Indian player _______________ aggression in his bating style.

(A) Shows                                                          

(B) Showing

(C) Show                                                             

(D) All of these

(E) None of these                                             


Answer: (a)

Explanation: Youvraj Singh an Indian player shows aggression in his bating style.      




  • A verb is a word which shows an action, state of being or possession of a noun or pronoun.
  • The word which says something about a noun or pronoun is called a Verb. (All saying words are verbs).
  • Action Verbs: An action verb tells what the subject does.
  • A helping verb tells when the action of a sentence takes place.
  • Transitive Verb: The verb which requires an object after it to complete its sense is called Transitive verb.
  • Intransitive Verb: The verb which does not require an object to complete its sense, but makes complete sense by itself is called an Intransitive Verb.  

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