8th Class English Voice Introduction


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*    Introduction


There are two special forms of verb. They are the following:  


*    Active Voice

In active voice, the object receives the action of the verb.

Example: India receives good amount of rainfall.  


*    Passive voice

In passive voice the subject receives the action of the verb.

Example: Good amount of rainfall is received by India.  


*      How to change Active to Passive

1.       Subject changes into object and object changes into subject.

2.       Use of helping verb according to Tense.

3.       Use of third form of the verb.

4.       Use of 'by' before a subject which changes into object.  




  •  Active: India (subject) + Receives (verb) + Good amount of rainfall (object)
  •  Passive : Good amount of rainfall (subject) + Is (helping verb) + Received by (3rd) + India (object)  


*      Facts

I changes Into me
We           changes Into us
They          changes Into them
He           changes Into him
She           changes Into her
Who          changes Into by whom


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