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The carbohydrates are naturally occurring organic substances. They are present in both plants and animals. "Carbohydrates are defined as a class of compounds that include polyhydric aldehydes or polyhydric ketones and large polymeric compounds that can be broken down (hydrolysed) into polyhydric aldehydes or ketones."

Carbohydrates contain \[>C=O\] and \[-OH\] groups. A carbonyl compound reacts with an alcohol to form hemiacetal.

The name of simpler carbohydrates end is ?ose. Carbohydrate with an aldehydic structure are known as aldoses and those with ketonic structure as ketoses. The number of carbon atom in the molecule is indicated by Greek prefix.    


Number of carbon atoms in the molecule Aldose Ketose
3 Aldotriose Ketotriose
4 Aldotetrose Ketotetrose
5 Aldopentose Ketopentose
6 Aldohexose Ketohexose
7 Aldoheptose Ketoheptose

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