Archives April 2007

Compared to the past three years, this year's Chemistry paper is very easy and as the students remarked, many can score high marks. This paper is also concept based as in physics. What we find is a change in the philosophy of IIT's. This change is for growth. Our congratulations to IIT’s for belling the cat. The change in the pattern of chemistry paper is only in line with the CBSE medical paper where it is always the concepts that are emphasized. The number of institutions that offer medicine and technology have enormously increased of late. While medicine remains the choice for many bright students. A number of students have chosen other opportunities although they had cleared medical exams. Food technology and biomedical research are some of the branches which are ideally suited for getting placements in big institutions. While competition is more for the routine jobs, people who have more...

Compared to many branches of science, Biology is making up for the past lag, It is going forward by leaps and bounds in recent years. The achievement of AIIMS in using a single cornea for three persons successfully, is something one should be proud of. Prediction of characteristics by DNA and alterations in gene in order to make violently oriented persons milder is on the border line. With regimented thinking in society and autocratic regimes, the border line between proper use of these techniques and misuse is very thin.                                       The latest news about successes in stem-cell research that for generating human embryos one can use bone marrow perhaps strikes at the very root of the concept of family and human society. Cloning and creation of crossbreed animals are sufficiently bad. Cloning humans or making humans in laboratories will have to be condemned in no uncertain terms. When one has more...


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