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Whether it is chemistry, physics or any branch of study, the story is the same. Less people are interested in basic research which is the backbone of technology. In addition to this problem, a few brilliant students who choose the subjects like food chemistry and biochemistry make to the Indian MNC's as a stop-over to take off to the developed countries. But these problems are common even to engineering and medical students. Further, the disease of the falling standards in education is the biggest problem today. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council, whose ex- officio president, the UGC Chairperson is also the president of the council, is doing enormous work by defining what is good education, assessing the institutions to A++A+, A etc., down to C-. The better colleges do get an encouragement by this and become better. Unless it is mandatory to obtain good ranks to maintain their recognition more...

First, let us discuss the "light" part of it. A recently published research study conducted by the World Health Organization should be an eye-opener for all of us. Students who are admitted in the general category in the high quality institutions are twice as likely to reside abroad as the students admitted under the affirmative - action category. Caste has no barriers as we know many students who could have got admission to AIIMS and IITs under the affirmative - action category have chosen to seek admission in the negative - action category, choosing the seat as their rightful honour to their merit. When we read about the negative action students, I mean general category, we were proud of them. Like most of the Indians whose near and dear ones are settled abroad, we wish the best of luck for their success. But we do feel that, had the atmosphere more...


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