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Recently, I happened to read a very interesting article. The berries of wild plants, which are normally not used for any purpose in India are being exported to a pharmaceutical firm. The cultivation of these plants are also being taken up seriously. The Indian pharmaceuticals are not freely tapping our potential but import raw materials. Most of the methods for the determination of the structure and identification of the molecules are available in any big laboratory in India. There are many regional agricultural colleges and research laboratories spread throughout India. The scientists are also very keen to help the farmers. People are also encouraged to grow profitable plants in their terraces and backyards. A huge collection of data of ICAR is yet to be tapped fully. There are certain well-known ayurvedic companies and institutions having their own hospitals in India. Farmers can take up cultivation of medicinal plants along with more...

If one fails to get admission to a prestigious medical college, one can just get online MBBS degrees from next year according to newspaper reports. Max health care is going to upgrade (?) the centres by adding 4000 beds within three years. Both Max-Care Centre as well as Ocenia University of U.S.A. are in touch with the Medical Council of India. But it is not sure whether the Medical Council is in touch with them. Our students have not forgotten that many Indian students from Eastern European and Eurasian Republics of Russia, were not allowed to practice because MC! has not recognised their degrees. Online teaching, internet encyclopedias and soon virtual experiments on surgery will be in vogue. What is the guaranty that the Medical Council will recognise their degrees when students in so many Medical and Engineering colleges, privately run, do not know whether their degrees will be recognised? more...


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