Archives January 2008

Confluence of two or three rivers is called 'Sangam' in India. It is considered a specially sacred place. When the mainstreams of science mingle together, the output can be tremendous. When specialisation becomes unidirectional thinking, it acts as blinkers of a horse. What is important is synergetic interaction. According to Niels Bohr, one has to push the analysis of the mechanism of living organisms as far as that of atomic phenomena. According to Bohr "We should scarcely expect to find any features differing from the properties of inorganic matter". This is exactly what Francis Crick tried to do with his X-ray diffraction studies of DNA. A physicist by training and a physicist by inclination, the future Nobel laureate was rejected for graduate studies both in Harward and Caltech, It is only a reflection on the method of judgement of the abilities of a person. Perhaps, this very rejection could have more...


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