Archives February 2009

About 200 CSIR scientists and the department Ayush of the union health ministry have achieved the compilation of the world's first Traditional Knowledge Digital Library, They have documented over two lakh medical formulations of Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani translating Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Urdu, Arabic and Persian into English, Japanese, French, German and Spanish, This has 30 million pages of information. To prevent pilferage of patents, India has signed an agreement with European Patent Office which had given patents for the use of 285 Indian medicinal plants including pepper, ginger and tulsi. Under the agreement, the data base is given for consultation but not for disclosing the contents. It appears that In the past we have lost 15000 patents for Indian medicines. Have the patents been lost or hijacked by some country to give away somebody else's property? We should not recognise any patent for Indian traditional medicines or any other more...


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