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Professor Robert Edwards of Britain has won the prize for his pioneering work and practice of IVF since 1958 till today, when he is 85 years old. Since his first field experiment successfully performed in 1978, Professor Robert had been instrumental in wiping off the tears of lakhs of mothers who could not have children of their own. More than 15,000 in France have benefited by Prof, Robert's discovery. The scientific community all over the world will be joining us when we say that Robert Edwards has-brought as much glory to the Nobel Prize as the Nobel Prize has brought glory to the scientists. Starting from stimulation of egg production by fertility drugs for 1-8 days. 9-13 days are spent to monitor with ultrasound the ripening of the eggs in the ovaries, 14-15 days are utilized to remove the eggs from ovaries and mixed with a sperm in a petridish. more...


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