Physicians Migrating from India

Category : Editorial

First, let us discuss the "light" part of it. A recently published research study conducted by the World Health Organization should be an eye-opener for all of us. Students who are admitted in the general category in the high quality institutions are twice as likely to reside abroad as the students admitted under the affirmative - action category. Caste has no barriers as we know many students who could have got admission to AIIMS and IITs under the affirmative - action category have chosen to seek admission in the negative - action category, choosing the seat as their rightful honour to their merit. When we read about the negative action students, I mean general category, we were proud of them. Like most of the Indians whose near and dear ones are settled abroad, we wish the best of luck for their success. But we do feel that, had the atmosphere been less heavy, they would have stayed here. From admission to post-retirement, they will be unhappy.

But, this has many serious repercussions for our future. The statement in the International report that the affirmative action programmes may have an unintended benefit that they may help us to retain a sub-set of such personal, smacks of our colonial days. They say diplomatically "We don't want them. You keep them". This is a national shame.

We have a top-most economist as a Prime Minister and many ministers who are experts in their own fields and a group of brilliant MPs who think in the interest of the nation cutting across the barriers of political parties. They have to boldly take a decision.

All good students should be given scholarships to study abroad with permission to stay to specialise in their field as much as they can. When they come back, they should be placed in the institutions of their field at levels which they merit. If every university in U.S.A. can have many professors, and in some places, many Nobel Laureates there is no reason why posts should be limited. The posts should be based on individual merit. On his retirement, one need to think of filling that post. May be in one place one need many posts. Then one can see a crowd of people coming back to India. They will be working proudly as visiting professors in U.S.A. Instead of Light and Shade play, can't we decide to have a good play with lights only?


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