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Understand Element Shapes

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 Understanding Elementary Shapes




  • 1 Complete angle\[=\text{ }{{360}^{o}}\], 1 Straight angle =\[={{180}^{o}}\]; 1 Right angle =\[{{90}^{o}}\]; Zero angle = \[{{0}^{o}}\]

1 Revolution = 1 Complete angle

1 Straight angle \[=\frac{1}{2}\](Complete angle)\[=\frac{1}{2}\]\[\times \]

\[{{360}^{o}}\]= \[{{180}^{o}}\]


  • (i) Acute Angle: An angle between \[{{0}^{o}}\]and \[{{90}^{o}}\] is called an acute angle.

(ii) Obtuse Angle: An angle between \[{{90}^{o}}\]and \[{{180}^{o}}\]is called an obtuse angle.

(iii) Reflex Angle: An angle between \[{{180}^{o}}\]and \[{{360}^{o}}\]is called a reflex angle.



  • Parallel lines: Two lines in the same plane that do not meet are called parallel lines.




  • Perpendicular lines: Two lines in a plane intersecting at right angles are called perpendicular lines.




  • Triangle: A closed figure bounded by three line segments is called a triangle.




  • Types of triangles:



  • Quadrilateral: A closed figure bounded by four line segments.



  • Parallelogram: A quadrilateral whose opposite sides are parallel.

(b) Rectangle: A parallelogram whose each angle measures 90°.

(c) Rhombus: A parallelogram with all sides equal.

(d) Trapezium: A quadrilateral with one pair of opposite sides parallel.

(e) Square: A rhombus with 4 right angles.


  • Polygons: A simple closed figure having 3 or more sides.



Space figure (Three – dimensional)




S. No.

Name the figure








A Cuboid resembles a rectangular box.

Face : 6

Edges :12

Vertices :8















A cube is a cuboid whose edges are all of equal length.

Face : 6

Edges :12

Vertices :8



Triangular prism


A triangular prism resembles a kaleidoscope. It has triangular bases.

Face : 5

Edges : 9

Vertices :6




Triangular pyramid or Tetra - hedron


It has a triangular base.


Face : 4

Edges : 6

Vertices : 4



Square Pyramid


It has a square as its base.





Face : 5

Edges : 8

Vertices : 5





It has a circular base of radius \['r'\] and height \['h'\].


radius  \['r'\]

slant height \['l'\]


height \['h'\]





It has a circular base of radius \['r'\] and height \['h'\].


radius  \['r'\]

slant height \['l'\]


height \['h'\]





No flat face.

radius  \['r'\]

Face : 1

Edges : 0

Vertices : 0




  • Regular polygons: Polygons with all sides and angles equal are called regular polygons.
  • A face is a surface on the outside of a solid shape.
  • An edge is the line where two faces meet.
  • A vertex is the corner where three or more faces meet.
  • Perpendicular lines are intersecting lines with an angle of 90° between them.
  • The distance between two points on a line or the end points of a line segment is called its
  • length,
  • To compare the lengths of line segments, a ruler and the divider are used.
  • Angles can be measured by using a protractor and compasses.
  • The size of an angle is expressed in degrees.
  • The line segment that divides a given line segment into two equal parts perpendicularly is
  • Called the perpendicular bisector of the line.




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