Current Affairs Current Affairs July 2020

 Karnataka government has launched a relief scheme “Nekara Samman Yojane” for weavers. The state government has allocated a sum of Rs 10.96 crore under the programme. As per the state government, the Silk, cotton, wool and other handloom weavers have been made eligible under the scheme. In the first phase of the “Nekara Samman Yojane”, a financial aid of Rs 2,000 will be transferred to 19,744 handloom weavers through Direct Benefit Transfer. The state Government also announced that the workers employed in the powerloom sector would also get a one-time payment of Rs 2,000 each.

 “Unisaviour”, a disinfection box has been developed by the researchers at IIT Roorkee. The disinfection box “Unisaviour” can be used to sterilize personal belongings, apparels, PPE, medical equipment among others form the COVID-19. The disinfection box can also be installed easily at the public spaces such as cinema halls, malls etc to ensure the highest standard of hygiene. The disinfection box “Unisaviour” contains a metal coated with highly reflective geometry which allows the calibrated passage of UVC light to disinfect the personal belongings. The box also comprises an additional safety switch for UVC light.

 Pune based molecular biology company- Mylab Discovery Solutions Private Limited has launched a cartridge-based machine named ‘Compact XL’ on 7th July 2020 that will be able to test and handle multiple samples at the same time. The machine will reduce the need for laboratory technicians for handling and testing samples to one, as an individual will be able to operate the machine.   
  • Compact XL
Compact XL is a 4X3 benchtop machine that is 100 percent indigenously developed and the first Machine in India that will fully automate the manual laboratory operations required for testing molecular diagnostic samples of COVID-19. This automated system will be able to handle samples of RNA/DNA based test, RT-PCR test, Plasma, Tissue, Swab, and Sputum. A total of 32 samples can be handled and tested by the machine in an hour. The machine is priced at Rs 40 lakh (4 million Rupee). The pre-ordering of the machine begins on 13th July 2020. The testing capacity of the machine can be increased from 32 per hour in the future based on the demand.

 India’s & Asia’s Largest and World’s Second Largest Uptime Tier IV Designed Data Centre was inaugurated virtually on 7th July 2020. The Data Centre is named ‘Yotta NM1 or NM1’ is located inside the 600-Acre Hiranandani Fortune City at Navi Mumbai’s Panvel region. Inside the Hiranandani Fortune City, a Data Centre Park named Panvel Data Centre Park or Integrated Yotta Data Centre Park has been developed, NM1 is located inside the Panvel Data Centre Park. The NM1 Data Centre was inaugurated virtually in the presence of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray and Ravi Shankar Prasad (Union Minister of Electronics and Information Technology).
  • NM1 Data Centre
The NM1 Data Centre has been developed by Yotta Infrastructure Solutions LLP (a subsidiary of Hiranandani Group). A total of five Data Centre Buildings will be developed at the Panvel Data Centre Park by Yotta Infrastructure. NM1 is the first of the five such building. The five buildings at Panvel Data Centre Park will be spread in over 18 acres of land. NM1 Data Centre has received certification from the United States-based Uptime Institute as the Largest Tier IV Designed Data Centre in India & Asia and the World’s Second Largest. This certification is valid up to 27th April 2022.

 Vice President of India, M. Venkiah Naidu has launched India’s first social media super application, “Elyments”. Under Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, more than 1,000 IT professionals came together to create the homegrown application.
About “Elyments App”:
  • Elyments is a first Made-in-India social media super-app, developed by Bengaluru-based software company, Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, in close competition with similar platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.
  • India has more than 500 million social media users, but most of these social media platforms are owned by companies outside India, which creates doubt regarding the privacy of data and data ownership.
  • Elyments is available in eight languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and English.
  • The app allows users to stay in touch through a vibrant feed, free audio/video calls, and private/group chats.
  • While the app now combines the features of most social media apps, soon the team plans to launch audio/video conference calls, secure payments, regional voice commands and curated commerce platforms to promote Indian brands.

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